Descriptions of all AOP Groups are below. Please see Schedule & Fee for current offerings.

Group leaders suggest art directives tailored to address each group's theme and provide as much direction as you want with the projects. Non-toxic materials are always available. It is NOT necessary to have artistic skills or experience to benefit from our groups.

to be joined at any time

Open Art Studio for Parents and Children

Come make art with other parents and families. Reawaken your creativity for your parenting, for yourself, and your family. Make art on your own or with your child. Sing and dance with us, too! Witness your child's creative process. Open to all. No previous art experience necessary.

Ongoing Therapy Group*

For adults having challenges with self-care, feelings of isolation, transitions, or communicating in relationships with family, work, or community.

This psychotherapeutic group, is grounded in creative exploration and discussion. The internal landscape of the self is experienced, externalized, and shared with others in the group setting. Group members help support and reflect each other’s experiences, and provide a place within which to practice communications and actions to take beyond the therapy group.

Before joining this group an individual session is held with the group leaders, to express concerns and familiarize participants with the group leaders and space. Anyone interested in exploring this may contact Art of Parenting.

* Group Art Therapy for Parents. This group focuses on the parenting path.

Mindful Parent Group at Gowanus Treehouse

For parents facing challenges with self-care, stress or emotional isolation. Participant will learn mindfulness strategies to calm the body and the mind. With increased mind and body awareness, we will explore strategies to improve communication within the family. Parents who learn to build awareness and calm can then share these strategies with their children and promote the space for effective communication. Parents will also have the chance to get support from other group members around their individual challenges. This group will use mindfulness techniques, guided meditation, imagery and group discussion. In order to register or obtain further information, please contact us at


Socialization Group for Bicultural Children

Parents are aware how interpersonal skills are important to the development of an individual’s well being. Such skills impact directly the child’s sense of self, safety and the perception of their world. In a playful and creative environment, children in this group will learn to identify and express their thoughts and feelings, as well as practice to listen to the needs, thoughts and feelings of others.

Why bicultural?

Being a whole and healthy bicultural or multicultural child means that the child needs to learn to navigate between the dominant culture and the culture(s) of heritage. For bicultural children, this is part of their interpersonal skills. This group will foster an environment that all cultures are valued. Children will explore their experience with others of similar experience, learning from each other.
The group will be tailored to the participants. In order to identify the needs and objectives of each child, a brief interview with parents is necessary before enrolling the child in the group.

AOP is committed to offer services that are most helpful to our parenting community. Please contact us if you have different needs for groups and/or workshops. Contact Maria directly for services in Portuguese and Spanish.